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Executing a kick-ass digital campaign for $53m African Media giant 

The Brief: 

Our client, DAAR Communications, requested the branding, promotion, digital campaign and publicity of its annual event celebrating the Africans who excelled in their respective industries. 


1. We designed the logo adapting Queen Ida's face to express the depth of the company's Nigerian roots and showcase the pride of African heritage to the rest of the watching world.

2. We designed communication and promotional digital banners for each nominee using beautiful, high-resolution images with spotlights and colour to make each nominee proud of their achievements in the year under review as well as inspire everyone else who came in contact with the material. 

3. Strategic placement of the communication materials; class of influencers engaged; and strategic partnerships with high-level institutions, positioned the event as a world-class celebration of excellence- sparking both desire and aspiration.


1. We created a website for the event that allowed the public exclusive information on each nominee. The website allowed the public to vote for their choice candidate across the various categories- keeping them engaged and fostering that feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves.  

2. We drove the digital campaign using online pools and content about the awards, organizers and nominees to engage the public. 

3. Programmatic, display and social media ads ensured that the message and the event were well-publicized and penetrated all social strata. 


We kept the public abreast of the voting as it happened real-time with digital press releases and print publications at little or no cost thanks to strategic partnerships forged with other media houses as part of the project scope.

The Result:

1. 1,039,638 votes across social media and event website. 

2. 15 million Nigerians reached. 

3  Multiple viral trends using event hashtags. 

4. Attendance of High-Level Nigerians- including state governors and the upper echelon of the African political scene and celebrities from entertainment, media and sports.

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