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We are passionate about building brands with global ambitions. 

For so long African brands have remained firmly in Africa. But we believe that it is time for Africa to emerge and grow into the global powerhouse that its potential has always promised. And we want to be at the summit of that historical transformation, helping brands and businesses change lives and create value at the highest level, using world-class marketing execution.  


Nelson Reids is an award-winning marketing, advertising and Public relations agency in Lagos and we have been helping our clients grow through our unparalleled marketing services. We work shoulder to shoulder with you so that we can build creative and strategic solutions to your challenges: from creating digital solutions and experiences, developing your brand voice, to building relationships at scale with your customers using powerful storytelling and tactical media placement.

Nelson Reids offers a comprehensive approach with the speed and agility you need to propel your business forward. Our research-based strategy means we kick-off our work with you by immersing ourselves in your industry, your vision and your culture. We take care of your creative needs so that you can focus on running your business; we work together in order to help you grow.

We are on a mission to build the next global African Brands.

Helping Africa grow. One brand. One Customer. One Employee at a time.

Our footprints stretch across 5 continents.

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From manufacturing to retail, cloud computing, telecommunications, technology and Not-for-profit organizations, we have helped new and established brands achieve their strategic business objectives in their home countries or on the continent. We have helped clients from Beijing, Utrecht, Sydney, the United Kingdom, Mexico to the United States, demonstrating our capabilities and reach. 


Start your project or just speak with us to learn more about our company. If there's anything we enjoy as much as helping brands win-- it is talking about our company, our people, our work and our mission to build the next global brands. 


Tel: +2347086488885

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