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Brand Identity For CryptoExchange

The Brief: 


Nick Levenstein & Company owned Chicago Bitcoin Exchange (CBEX) made a play for the growing cryptocurrency market and adoption in Nigeria and sought an agency partner with key knowledge of the market and network to ensure the business thrives in the country. Nelson Reids was selected to develop a new brand identity fit for the Nigerian market.

What We Did:  

(i) Market research through surveys and one-on-one discussions with Nigerian crypto traders to learn industry key customer motivators; as well as to establish customer profiles, characters and aspirations. 

(ii) Produced the market entry strategy and integrated campaign plan in line with findings. 

(iii) Changed the brand name from ‘Chicago Bitcoin Exchange, (CBEX)’ to ‘Tiger Exchange (TigerEx) as part of a grand strategy to make the brand more in-tune with the Nigerian crypto trader's 'majestic- but hustler', Fierce goal-getting attitude. 

(iv) Designed the TigerEx website User Interface and consulted on the new logo for the brand in line with the new identity strategy and developed Taglines using key customer drivers. 

(v) Produced digital video commercial, designs for display advertising and copywriting for social ads. 

(vii) Introduced TigerEx management team to journalists from the Financial Times, Quartz and Techpoint Africa for a story on Crypto Exchanges and Hedge Fund performance. 

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