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Experiential Marketing Campaign for Start-Up Gaming Company. 

The Brief: 


Our client, a start-up gaming company sought ways to differentiate its brand from the pack of over 70 competitors in a keenly contested industry while appealing to both ends of the social class.

Our response, the fusion of Sports + Entertainment: Making Gaming cool again for everyone. 


We targeted high-level events in the Federal Capital territory that attracted both upper and middle-class Nigerians- getting them to interact with the brand and experience its unique attributes and features.

The Mechanics:

1. Using outdoor miniature basketball hoops and setting up at the event venues hours before the event commenced, we quickly attracted all early comers who wanted to do something fun while they waited.

They picked cards and tried for free drinks- winning only when they made all shots corresponding to the number on the cards picked correctly.  

Having everyone trying out and cheering each other on, we completely eliminated social class and brought everyone together. 

2. Using virtual reality and e-sports, we brought high level and middle-class Nigerians together, bonding in our tents, as attractive brand ambassadors explained brand USPs. 


1. Ticket giveaways via Social Media

2. Radio tours using celebrity brand ambassador. 

The Result:

1. Over 1,000 users signed up at the event venue.  

2. Over 3 million Nigerians reached through digital and offline campaign.



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